Meeting for Good at
Holiday Inn Sydney Potts Point


Experience sustainable gatherings like never before when you choose to host your Meeting for Good at Holiday Inn Sydney Potts Point! From start to finish, we're dedicated to ensuring your event leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Hotel Practices

  • Digital Collateral & Sales Agreements - By going digital, we're not only saving trees but also reducing paper waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.
  • Plus, our Linen & Towel Reuse Program isn't just about convenience—it's about sustainability. When you stay with us for an overnight meeting, you'll be part of our efforts to minimize water and energy consumption. Let's work together to make every stay not just comfortable, but also environmentally responsible.

Meeting Space

  • Plastic-free Water Service - say goodbye to plastic water bottles and hello to eco-friendly alternatives like pitchers, glassware, and refill stations spread throughout the meeting space. Hydration has never felt so responsible.
  • Reduced HVAC and Lighting policies - we're committed to conserving energy during periods of low or no occupancy, ensuring efficiency during setup, teardown, breaks, and overnight stays.
  • Digital Signage system - no need for wasteful single-use signage—our digital displays guide you seamlessly through the hotel. It's the modern way to find your path while reducing paper and foam waste.
  • Single Use-free approach - we're ditching disposable items like notepads, pens, coasters, and flipcharts to minimize waste. Need something? Just ask! Let's make your event not only productive but also planet-friendly.

Food & Beverage

  • Food Waste Reduction Action Plan - we're committed to minimizing banquet food waste with specific actions tailored to ensure every bite counts.
  • Alternate Banquet Menu Offerings - featuring locally sourced and/or plant-based options, we're reducing carbon emissions associated with ingredient processing, transport, and utilization. Every dish is a step towards a greener future.
  • Reusable Banquet Labelling & Menus - say goodbye to single-use materials and hello to sustainability as we minimize paper waste with our reusable alternatives.
  • Reusable Serviceware - from plates to utensils and glassware, we're eliminating unnecessary single-use disposables and the waste that comes with them. Let's enjoy a delicious meal together while caring for the planet.


Whether you’re planning to host a meeting, training seminar, special event or corporate gathering, our versatile function spaces can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

For bookings or further package details, get in touch with our meetings & events team by clicking the button below, emailing us as at or calling us on +61 2 9368 4058.

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